Compolite is an innovative manufacturer of watertight conductive composite covers, fuel tank sumps, dispenser sumps, spill containment, man holes, and pipe/cable Entry Seal Kits. Decades of experience in watertight containment systems and FRP composite engineering goes into every product we make. Our innovations utilizing the world’s advanced composites and FRP materials, combined with input from installers and customers enable us to improve our products, continuously meet changing regulations, and serve the growing needs of the petroleum fueling industry.

We absolutely do not allow the release of gas into the soils. Compolite containment equipment provides the best protection and assurance against expensive environmental releases and clean-ups, while allowing the easy capture and containment of petroleum fuilds during routine maintenance such as filter changes. Normal fluid drainage goes back into the tank – not into the ground below.

Tank sumps also prevent water dust, and dirt from entering the tank manway area. Manway openings frequently contain subpumps, leak detectors, tank probes, electronic sensors, valves, etc. Compolite tank sumps protect this substantial investment from grit, moisture and corrosion. This additional protection increases equipment life and efficiency, while reduceing maintenance and downtime.

Compolite products, exceptional service, and intelligent solutions, are recognized and relied upon around the world including; Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Compolite cares for the environment we live in.

Our Main Products:

 Watertight Conductive Composite Covers

 Fuel Tank Manhole Sumps Systems

 Hand Hole Sumps Systems

 Dispenser Sumps Systems

 Pipe and Cable Entry Seal Kits

 Remote Filling Box

 Leakage Test System


Compolite Fueling Systems

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