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When looking for quality, economical solutions in underground watertight containment systems, Compolite is the partner you can rely on. With our decades of experience in the field, extensive R&D, precision manufacturing, and technical support, our mission is to deliver the best products, customer service, solutions, and value in the industrial.


Customer-specified Solutions for Underground Containment Systems


Compolite serves three distinct, but related segments of the industry :


Distributors - Supported through PEI practices, exceptional service, value products, market insight and support.


Installation Contractors - Components are light weight for ease of handling and shipped in simple to assemble sections. Installation, whether new or retrofit, is uncomplicated and intuitive.


End Users - We protect your investment, we protect your environment. We deliver the best products, customer service and support in the industry, at the very best value.


Compolite Fueling Systems

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