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Compolite underground containments systems are made of high-quality composite materials via pioneering production technology, which contain: fuel tank manhole sumps, handhole sumps, dispenser sumps, and remote filling boxes.

Compolite Fuel Tank Manhole Sumps/fuel tank chambers are designed on the fuel tank manhole, which function as a liquid-tight isolation container providing secondary containment for the tank fittings, valves and pumps. They also provide surface access to the tank itself, as well as a clean, dry environment for future service and maintenance. Compolite Fuel Tank Manhole Sumps/fuel tank chambers could provide a big entrance and space for the maintenance engineer to enter into the manhole sumps and fuel tank for maintenance and checking activities in gas station. Solid base tank manhole sumps can also be used for cable manhole sumps.

Hand Hole Sumps can be installed in gas station as direct filling sumps, remote filling sumps, manual dip sumps, monitoring well, grounding points and so on.


Dispenser Sumps/pans are designed under the dispenser in gas station to protect the valves, fitting and compensation flexible pipe, Compolite provide different types of supports to meet the different types of dispensers.



Compolite underground containment sumps are watertight enclosures that prevents outside water, dust and debris from entering into the sumps while containing and preventing the release of fuel into the soils.

Protecting the submersible pumps, leak detectors, electronic probes, flex connectors, and valves in the tank sumps, greatly increase life span of these critical components.

Easy and Quick Installation
Compolite underground containment sumps are constructed in sections that are lightweight for easy handling and installation.

Anti-static Electricity
Compolite underground containment sumps are electrically conductive, which eliminate the potential fire risk caused by static electricity.

Light Weight and Strong Structure
Advanced designs, with high-quality composite materials and pioneering production technologies make Compolite underground containment sumps extremely strong and  light weights structures. The density of composite sumps is only 1/4 of steel and is much stronger than polyethylene sumps.

Resistance to Corrosions, Ageing, Hydrocarbons, Biofuels and ethanol blends 
Compolite underground containments sumps resists corrosion, ageing, hydrocarbons, biofuels and ethanol blends.

Long Life
Compolite underground containment sumps are made by high-quality resin and fiberglass with UV-resistance, which assures longevity.