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Vacuum Leakage Testor


Compolite Leakage Tester is specially designed to test the integrity of fuel tank manhole sumps, hand hole sumps and dispenser sumps during their installation. It can form the right negative pressure inside of the sumps via creating vacuum to simulate the effect of ground water pressure outsides of sumps.


Big LCD display,clear operation interface

Micro-computer control unit

Many kinds of units to be displayed available

   -Test results can be displayed with Pa, ml/min, Pa/min, Pa.cm3/sec

   -Test pressure can be displayed with kPa, kg/cm2, PSI, bar

Test process can be displayed with curve drawings

   -Get to know the leakage trend via watching changing of pressure curve drawings

Store the latest 500 groups of test data

   -Make it easy to analyze and summarize qualities status via analyzing and checking historic data

Outer Dimension: L480mm * W360mm * H260mm

Weight: 9KG

USB interface: save data directly into USB memory stick (optional)

COM interface: can connect with printers directly(optional)


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