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Compolite specialist customize the watertight conductive composite cover only for gas station, the light weight and central/offset manual dip holes designs reduce cover opening and manual dip work loads for the people in the gas station.


Product Advantage


Light Weight, Open Easily

Advanced and reasonable structure designs, being made with high-quality GRP composite materials and pioneering production technologies, all of those make Compolite composite cover lighter weights and stronger loading rates. Compared with other covers of the same sizes and the loading rates, Compolite composite cover only weigh 10% of cast iron covers and 60% of SMC covers. Light weight reduce greatly cover opening work loads in the gas station.



All the Compolite composite covers are assembled with watertight sealing gaskets, which prevents the water and dusts outside from entering into the sumps and also prevents the release of gas inside from penetrating into the soils. It can protect the pumps, valves in the tank sumps and increase their life span.


Anti-static Electricity

Compolite composite covers are conductive, which eliminates the potential fire risk caused by static electricity in gas station.


Heavy Duty Load Rating

Compolite composite cover conforms to BS EN 124-1994 gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas-design requirements, type testing, marking, quality control. The heaviest load ratings reach the requirements of E600 levels (load rating 60 tons).


Central/offset Dip Hole

We open the central/offset holes for the series covers RCC900/RCO9000/MSC1400 which are normally installed on the fuel tank manhole. People only need to open the small dip cover in the big manhole cover to dip manually. It helps reduce the daily manual dip work loads greatly.


Five Colors Available for Covers

There are five colors available in Compolite composite covers, different colors can be identified with different petrols and usages, which will improve the appearance of the gas station. The whole body is the same color which is not painted.


Long Life

Compolite composite covers are made by high-quality resin and fiberglass with ageing-resistance, which makes our cover life live more than 30 years.